Winds Of Change

Psalm 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

When I read this Psalm, I have to ask myself a few questions. Am I giving control of my life to God? And, am I letting Him guide me, according to His word? Am I repentant of my sins, and am I truly living a life, that reflects the values of Jesus Christ?

These may be tough questions, for anyone to ask themselves. No one likes to put their life under a microscope. However, it is necessary for us to examine our lives, so we can see where we are in need of improvement, with regard to who God wants us to become. Does anyone remember their high school biology class, where you probably had to look at things under a microscope? It’s not always a sight to behold! You can see every last detail through the lens of a microscope.

If we truly want to live for Jesus, then it is a necessity that we look at our lives through that microscopic lense. We must see every last detail of our life. If we are honest in assessing ourselves, we will always find areas to improve upon or change. For we all fall into sin. Not necessarily intentionally, but we are all human, so we will stumble periodically. Roman’s 3:23, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

Jesus gave His life, so that we may be forgiven. However, just because we have been forgiven, doesn’t mean we can live how we want. Jesus is asking us to look at our lives under that microscope, and make changes to our sinful nature. To become more Christ-like. Jesus spent time with all sorts of people. He wanted to be around the sinners, as you might say. Why, because we sinners are the one’s who need Jesus. We don’t follow Jesus because we are perfect, we follow Him because we are not. And we need His grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness.

Jesus is calling us to repent of our sins, make changes in our lives, and live for Him. Are we willing to make the necessary changes? Do we hear Jesus calling us? He wants a relationship with each of us. Jesus knows us, but We need to take the time to get to know Him. Knowing Him means spending time in His word. Jesus loves us, and wants a relationship with us. Are we willing to reach out to Him, make changes in our life, and take His hand?

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